How to Choose a Crystal Necklace for Your Heart

Crystal Necklace Hearts

Crystal Necklace Hearts are delicate yet eye-catching at the same time. They can be worn as a simple pendant or a locket that holds a meaningful message.

Founder Anne Koplik has been designing heirloom quality, vintage-inspired jewelry since 1981. She works alongside her two daughters in their Brewster, NY studio crafting her pieces from crystals.

Blue Aragonite

This stone encourages emotional healing, allowing you to come to terms with any painful experiences and heal the scars that remain. It also helps you learn from any mistakes you may have made in the past, guiding you towards forgiveness and a new outlook on life.

It works to keep your heart chakra open, boosting empathy and compassion in your relationships. This can be especially beneficial for those who struggle to communicate their emotions, as it promotes clarity and ease of speech. It also works to keep you grounded in stressful moments, preventing you from becoming overwhelmed or letting your emotions control you.

This stone is also known to help you heal your inner child, addressing any unresolved issues from childhood and helping you let them go. In addition, Blue Aragonite fosters accurate communication, including verbal and artistic, enabling you to better express yourself. It also helps you think more clearly, facilitating problem-solving in your work and personal life.


Rhodonite encourages love, including self-love, as well as fostering compassion and forgiveness in relationships. It’s often used as a “first aid stone” for emotional shock and panic, bringing us back to center when we’re overwhelmed.

It’s a fantastic crystal for clearing heartache and emotional trauma, helping you to heal wounds from past experiences that have damaged your self-worth. It’s also a great tool for encouraging spiritual happiness by healing your heart chakra, and it inspires generosity and openness to others.

To work with rhodonite, Leavy tells mbg she likes to place it on important dates throughout the year, such as around New Year’s or the spring equinox. She also recommends pairing it with other crystals that resonate with love and the heart chakra, such as green aventurine, rose quartz, moss agate, and rhodochrosite. It’s especially useful for anyone who needs to reset their energy after a difficult relationship or breakup. It helps you get clear about your intentions and gives you the confidence to act on them.

Rose Calcite

Pink Calcite has a softness about it that many crystal lovers adore. Like all calcites, it’s a powerful cleanser for the heart chakra. It helps you find your inner self-love and teaches you to love others unconditionally as well. It connects to the energies of Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy.

This stone is also good for releasing any emotional wounds, absorbing stubbornness, and helping to bring peace into your family life. It can help heal relationships with family members and bring quick laughter and precious memories to shared spaces.

All calcites can be used to cleanse your aura and help you move forward in your life with new ideas. They can also be paired with other crystals to enhance their vibrations, such as Rose Quartz for love or Orange Calcite for boosting libido!


Serpentine is a green crystal that helps you recover from emotional trauma and promotes harmony in your relationship. It also enhances your ability to express love and boosts your intuition. Feng shui practitioners use serpentine to balance the energy of the heart and attract abundance. It is also believed to stimulate the arousal of Kundalini energies.

This gem is a very powerful talisman that shields you from psychic attacks. It is used to purify the aura, disperse negativity and protect you from harmful entities. It also eliminates parasites and aids detoxification.

Wearing a necklace made from this green crystal is helpful in reducing stress and encouraging inner peace. It encourages you to explore your spiritual journey and heals the chakras. It is also useful for releasing negative beliefs and habits that hinder your growth. It is an ideal gemstone for meditation and retreat practice, facilitating a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose. It also provides clear vision and activates the Crown Chakra.